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January 19, 2016

Much thanks to my friend Luciana.

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Magazine Scans > Scans From 2016 > Total Film (UK) – March


The gallery was updated with DVD screencaptures of Robert’s role as Bruno Mussolini in the mini-series on Mussolini. Robert only was present in part 2. Enjoy!

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Tv-Shows > Mussolini: The Untold Story > Part 2 – Screencaptures


Hello everyone and happy new year! As first post of the new year I’m adding a few screencaptures from Up The Academy, Bob’s first project directed by his father. Because he is actually uncredited in this project and he’s named as “boy in the soccer team” I have searched which scene it was but also for the quality wasn’t easy to find him. So in group photos he might be there, little guy. Take a look!

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Movies Production > Up The Academy > Screencaptures


Here it is. HQ scans from EW issue with Captain America: Civil War on its cover. Take a look and enjoy the article!

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Magazine Scans > Scans From 2015 > Entertainment Weekly (USA) – December 11, 2015


Tony Stark has a black eye. He’s sitting on a leather sofa in an international intelligence task force center with blood on his silk shirt and tie.

Somebody got a hold of him when he didn’t have his metal suit handy.

Really, this is a set for Captain America: Civil War on a studio lot outside Atlanta, and Robert Downey Jr. is feeling a different kind of punchy. He can’t say who beat the hell out of his character, but it wasn’t Captain America.

“No, I mean, look, if he and I are gonna beat each other senseless, that should be an Act III thing,” the actor says. “We haven’t written Act III yet? No?” he says to some passing crew, who don’t really hear him. Downey smiles. “That’s the only way we can stay ahead of the guess-thing – actually not write it until we’re there.”

There is an Act III, fear not. Downey’s just being Downey. He’s actually the one who likes to rewrite on the day.