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Tony Stark has a black eye. He’s sitting on a leather sofa in an international intelligence task force center with blood on his silk shirt and tie.

Somebody got a hold of him when he didn’t have his metal suit handy.

Really, this is a set for Captain America: Civil War on a studio lot outside Atlanta, and Robert Downey Jr. is feeling a different kind of punchy. He can’t say who beat the hell out of his character, but it wasn’t Captain America.

“No, I mean, look, if he and I are gonna beat each other senseless, that should be an Act III thing,” the actor says. “We haven’t written Act III yet? No?” he says to some passing crew, who don’t really hear him. Downey smiles. “That’s the only way we can stay ahead of the guess-thing – actually not write it until we’re there.”

There is an Act III, fear not. Downey’s just being Downey. He’s actually the one who likes to rewrite on the day.

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November 25, 2015
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I’ve added HQ stills of Jimmy Kimmel Live episode on the gallery.

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Filming in the brutal heat of Atlana, Georgia, during the summer turned out to be one of the biggest challenges the Captain America: Civil War cast faced during the anticipated sequel’s shoot. Unless you’re Robert Downey Jr., that is. Then it was a lovely experience.

“Once the mask closes, I’m not there,” Downey Jr. joked on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday. Downey Jr. is of course referring to the fact that when the action kicks in, audiences typically only see Tony Stark’s face from inside his helmet — and RDJ isn’t exactly filming those scenes in the midst of actual action sequences.

“I really just wanted to come to work on my days off and watch you suffer,” he said to his costar Chris Evans, who, unlike Downey Jr., only has a partial mask to cover his face during filming.

Watch the full interview below to see the two costars — okay, just Evans — discuss the trials of filming in the July heat, and to find out why Downey Jr. brought his home furniture to set. The Captain America: Civil War trailer also debuted during Kimmel, offering a first look at the sequel, which hits theaters May 6.


OH MY…….. This is the world premiere trailer of Captain America: Civil War, in exclusive shown yesterday on Jimmy Kimmel Live….and it’s OH MY….. take a look!

Photos of Robert during yesterday’s Jaguar Land Rover British Academy Britannia Awards have been added to the gallery. Take a look!

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The gallery was updated with images of Robert during his last even in Sacramento 2 days ago. Take a look!

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A confirmed news has finally arrived in relation to Robert Downey Jr. reprising his role of Tony Stark in the upcoming fourth installment of “Iron Man” series. Read for detailed information.

Earlier, rumors were rife about Downey Jr.’s joining the fourth part and no matter how the film had performed at the box office or how much the Iron Man suit on Downy Jr. liked by the audiences, makers were in a dicey situation and not revealing anything clearly.

Ecumenical News also reported that it was also due to payment issues, Downey Jr. said no to wear the suit again but now it has been confirmed by none other than the director of third part of the franchise, Shane Black that Downey Jr. will be seen in his old avatar in the film and Harley Keener aka Ty Simpkins will accompany him in wearing the suit.

So, Simpkins will become the torch bearer for the aged Tony Stark aka Downey Jr. who previously appeared in “Iron Man 3” and it was with his help that injured Stark successfully completes his mission of catching the mandarin who was just a fake face for a huge terrorist organization known as The Ten Rings.

As we know that the reason behind the development of this Iron suit was this terror organization only so the fourth part will go deep inside it and will reveal about its roots.

We have already seen the way Simpkins helped Stark in fixing his distorted suit, and now it is believed that the small kid of third part will take charge of the Iron Man suit, no doubt our old Tony will be there to guide him and who knows will also be seen fighting once again.

Well, this news of Robert Downey Jr. reprising his role is a sigh of relief for many as we all have developed a liking for him in Iron Man suit and any new member will take the time to adjust in it. So, let us wish the new and old suit bearers and the entire team all the very best, though they have a long way to go as the movie is slated for 2019 release.