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In 2008, Iron Man had the daunting task of delivering audiences not only a compelling film, but also had to set the stage for the tone subsequent sequels would embrace as the Marvel Cinematic Universe grew, blending both awesome action and hilarious humor. Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark had to be the linchpin of the whole franchise and establish that tone, with one scene in that film efficiently displaying Stark’s comedic timing and humanity. Downey and director Jon Favreau recently detailed how they developed the scene in which Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) removed Stark’s arc reactor from his chest.

In the film, Stark created his first arc reactor with rudimentary materials while imprisoned in a cave, with the device ultimately showing wear. Once he was rescued, he was able to use more reliable materials, requiring the original piece be replaced. As Potts aided in removing the hardware, Stark compared the action to the rules of the board game Operation.

“I remember doing this scene where I had a prosthetic body, and Gwyneth was reaching inside my chest,” the actor recalled in the new book Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years. “The whole scene was about Tony trusting Pepper. We rehearsed it a lot.”

“That was a great one. I felt like I was coaching an improv team because I would throw in suggestions,” Favreau detailed. “Okay, make it like you’re playing Operation.”

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I’ve added screen captures of RDJ from the 2014 Reelz series Hollywood Scandals. The episode detailed RDJ’s near fall from grace to his redemption and rise into superstardom as Iron Man. The series is available on Amazon Prime.

I have added three sets of missing film screen captures to the gallery: Air America, Danger Zone, & The Gingerbread Man.

I’ve added a few photos of RDJ from the grand opening of Maddox Gallery in Los Angels, October 11th.

East Hamptonite Robert Downey Jr., once again proving that he’s a superhero on and off stage, took the time to send a message of hope to a little boy in Council Bluffs, Iowa going through a horrible medical ordeal.

On October 8, the Marvel star sent a video to Jackson Tijerina, a seven-year-old boy at College View Elementary School. In the video he said, “Jackson is that you? Hi! It’s Robert Downey Jr., but you can call me Tony. Thinking about you, and also, you know, life is challenging. And you are just the man for the job. So, lots of love.” The video ended with Downey blowing a kiss for Jackson.

Jackson was diagnosed with brain cancer in January 2016 after years of gastroenterologist visits to find a reason for his lack of growth and frequent nausea. Severe headaches landed the boy in an MRI, where a tumor was discovered.

According to Radio Iowa, Jackson had to be given chemotherapy immediately. The procedure requires a port in the patient’s chest, and his, much like Tony Stark’s, was placed right in the center, forming a special connection between Jackson and the Marvel superhero. His mother, Amy, said he’s not afraid to show off his port and strike his Iron Man pose.

Currently, Jackson receives an experimental form of oral chemotherapy from St. Jude Children’s Hospital. The effectiveness of the treatment has yet to be determined, so the family has devised a bucket list to ensure the second grader can experience everything he’s ever dreamt of doing. Top of the list, is meeting the real-life Iron Man.

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Credit: Dan’s Papers

Stephen Gaghan is directing the star-studded adaptation of the classic fantasy tale about an eccentric doctor who can communicate with animals.

The release of The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle, starring Robert Downey Jr., is being pushed back nine months to Jan. 17, 2020, the beginning of the long Martin Luther King holiday weekend, Universal announced Monday.

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